New Name - ICR: Investigating Community Resilience

Beginning with this show  OUTSIDE IN  becomes  ICR: Investigating Community Resilience. A new name reflecting a more direct link to our content. Bob Russell returns to look around at how the term is being used increasingly and to help clarify our focus. We also highlight web-based resources that showcase resilience work going on in other communities. This discussion also looks ahead at broad areas of success and need in resilience development locally.

iCR: Investigating Community Resilience, December 2013

This is a special edition of iCR presenting a recent presentation by Mr. Josh Ruebner, author of the new publication SHATTERED HOPES, a history of the current status of Israeli/US promises to negotiate a settlement of Palestinian and Israeli conflict. Ruebner is not optimistic that President Obama's promises to guide negotiations to a fair settlement will lead to success.

Resilience Concepts 3


Dave and Bob


Bob Russell with resilience concepts Part - 3

Bob Russell on Resilience Pt 2

Trent Tomlinson and Dave Barrons at the House near the Inn






Bob Russell on Resilience Concepts Part 2.



Timothy Young's Keynote at the 11th Great Lakes Bioneers Conference

Timothy YoungTimothy Young is the founder and Chef of Food for Thought, Inc., an organic and wild-harvested gourmet specialty foods company with a mission of creating and raising awareness around just and sustainable food systems. This is his keynote address presented Saturday morning at the 11th Great Lakes Bioneers Conference, October 20, 2012.


Great Lakes Bioneers Ready For Its 11th Year

Sarna SalzmanSarna Salzman, Executive director of SEEDS, is in to talk about the upcoming BIONEERS Conference coming soon on the 19-21rst of October at Northwestern Michigan College.   The Great Lakes Bioneers is among the leaders in the Bioneers movement being the very first satellite conferences to expand out of the California event. Great Lakes Bioneers has even spawned three additional Conferences, one in Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland.  Bioneers connects the evvironmental movement with social justice.  Dave and Sarna discuss the role this conference and its efforts builds social capital in our region.

Adaptation Is A Cornerstone

Bob Russell and Dave Barrons on ICRBob Russell joins the conversation on this show. The discussion reviews some of the latest writings/conclusions on the two built-in mechanisms forcing a changing future: climate change and resource constraint. Bob and Dave highlight the facts and resources. Once again, 'adaptation' stands out as a key ingredient of resilience. The future presents unforecastable challenges. Building the seeds of resilient strength determine a community's resilience

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