Social Capital

Social Capital

This Conversation Must Get Louder

Tim KeenanIn this edition the theme of investigation is Social Capital. Tim Keenan, president of Veterans For Peace - Chapter 50, joins Dave for a discussion of peace activism and why it matters to a community.  Visuals come from this year's Hiroshima-Nagasaki Memorial Candle Float down the Boardman River in downtown Traverse City. Tim is a Vietnam vet active locally in raising the questions about war and violence that all communities must confront.  War is a near constant in our country's unfolding history. Can our resilience as a nation and as individual communities be sustained at all, when war and its spill-over violence are an option?

Art and Artists In The Community

Jerry DennisLocal author Jerry Dennis joins Dave for this edition of ICR as we tackle the most difficult of our themes of resilience investigation: art.  Jerry Dennis has written extensively about the Great Lakes, as a resource and as one of the dominant features of our communities. For many living around the lakes, they are a cornerstone of our sense of place and our connection to the eco-system that sustains us.  Jerry talks about the value of art to a community and the value of an artistic community to all of us in the places we live.

iCR with Lew Coulter

Lew CoulterLew Coulter, recently retired as Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Conservation District joins Dave for a discussion covering issues of community education and social capital. Coulter traces the historic shift of Conservation Districts from direct technical support of farmers to broad based, community wide education programs which recognized that all us are 'land managers' in our own communities, one way or another.

Education and Commmunity Resilience

Bill QueenBill Queen of Northwestern Michigan College, Community Education instructor, and Director of the Michigan Energy Demonstration Project joins Dave for two editions of ICR. In the first discussion, here, Bill and Dave focus on the role of education in providing resilience and social capital to local communities. The demands of the market place and the funding avenues that exist drive many educational programs, even in the face of obvious, additional needs.

It's One Of A Kind

Kelly Ignace and Dave BarronsKelly Ignace joins Dave for this edition of ICR, talking about her employer's one of a kind waste hauling and disposal business. Kelly is Director of Marketing and P.R. for American Waste, a locally owned and operated waste disposal business that runs a one of a kind operation on the south side of Traverse City.

Consumer Demand will Determine The Balance

Josh Wunsch and Dave BarronsJosh Wunsch is in on this discussion. Josh is a local fruit grower and experienced agricultural manager with clear views on agricultural trends.  Localism is all well and good, says Josh, but their are 330 million mouths to feed each day. The demand of that, alone, will play into the balance between a fragile, corporate sized food system and a more resilient localized food system.  How far localism goes will be determined by how much 'locals' are willing to pay for more local food and how deeply they support the development of markets. Farmers don't produce into a vacuum. They produce for a viable market that can sustainability pay them to produce.

Localism On A Global Scale

Chris Treater & Timothy YoungThis discussion shares the experience of Timothy Young and Chris Treter of the On The Ground non-profit that sponsored their recent Run Across Palestine. Chris introduced us to the groups first such effort The Run Across Ethiopia, last summer. Chris Treter's business is fair trade shade grown coffee and now, olive oil. The run in Ethiopia focused fund raising efforts to build schools in coffee growing communities; in Palestine, the run kicked off fund raising to plant olive trees. But in both locations the real work was in cross cultural communications and community building. Building communities of producers and consumers that span oceans. Linking our local community in NW Michigan to theirs no matter the distance between. Art is always a part of On The Ground's work. This show includes a performance by singer, song writer Josh Davis with a song he sang multiple places in Palestine.



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