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The Occupy Movement Locally

Dave is joined by three active participants in the Occupy TC efforts going on locally. The discussion highlights the 'message' problem facing both the larger Occupy effort and those working locally: how to have a decentralized movement with some coherency to the message. This talk also shares numerous web-site resources and access points for those wanting to keep in touch with what's going on. Check for links to many occupy resources.

New Name - ICR: Investigating Community Resilience

Beginning with this show  OUTSIDE IN  becomes  ICR: Investigating Community Resilience. A new name reflecting a more direct link to our content. Bob Russell returns to look around at how the term is being used increasingly and to help clarify our focus. We also highlight web-based resources that showcase resilience work going on in other communities. This discussion also looks ahead at broad areas of success and need in resilience development locally.

Being Green is Good for Business with Jim MacInnes

In this discussion, Jim MacInnes CEO of Crystal Mountain Resort, sits down with Dave to discuss energy policy and decisions.   Jim outlines all that has been done at Crystal to improve energy conservation and efficiency to become one of the business leaders in the field.  Jim also openly discusses the need for business to get behind energy improvements.  Michigan is energy poor but can make great advances in both efficiency and conservation. Jim and Dave also discuss the concept of a national revenue neutral carbon tax as proposed by the Citizen's Climate Lobby.

iCR: Investigating Community Resilience, December 2013

This is a special edition of iCR presenting a recent presentation by Mr. Josh Ruebner, author of the new publication SHATTERED HOPES, a history of the current status of Israeli/US promises to negotiate a settlement of Palestinian and Israeli conflict. Ruebner is not optimistic that President Obama's promises to guide negotiations to a fair settlement will lead to success.

Citizens Climate Lobby

A Carbon Tax Gaining Steam
This edition of iCR features two volunteers from the local chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby. Elizabeth Dell and Maura Brennan.  The CCL is a national effort with chapters growing in number across Michigan, aimed at creating the political atmosphere and support for a revenue neutral carbon tax. Taxing carbon use is an effective method of reducing carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. Our reliance on fossil fuel is diminished by a tax and the tax revenues are redistributed equally as rebates to individuals, much like an income tax refund. If carbon emissions are not brought under control our planet will continue to warm up and the climate will be forced to change dramatically.

Jim Crowfoot on Nature

Connecting To Nature Matters

This discussion is with Jim Crowfoot, Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan.  Professor Crowfoot has developed a credit course open to most incoming UM students regardless of major. In his class Jim Crowfoot seeks to guide students towards development of their own spiritual connection to the natural world around them. So many incoming students, he finds, suffer from a very real 'nature deficit'. Without a spiritual connection to nature the meaning of "eco-social communities", so important to Resilience thinking, is lost. Human communities are still fundamentally rooted in the natural world and the eco-system services it provides.

Oil & Water Don't Mix

Dave Barrons







This edition of iCR deals with a brewing issue in the state of Michigan, the reliability and safety of Enbridge Pipeline Co. pipelines in our state and specifically their proposal to increase the flow and pressure in 60 year pipelines under the Straits of Mackinac.  The discussion features Bill McKibben who was part of a recent protest against the Enbridge plans held in St. Ignace on the shores of the Straits of Mackinac.

Resilience Concepts 3


Dave and Bob


Bob Russell with resilience concepts Part - 3

Bob Russell on Resilience Pt 2

Trent Tomlinson and Dave Barrons at the House near the Inn






Bob Russell on Resilience Concepts Part 2.




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