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  • JIM MACINNES, CEO CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN RESORTICR begins two discussions on energy and specifically on the referendum appearing on this November's ballot, asking Michigan residents if they want to mandate that 25% of Michigan electricity needs come from renewable sources by the year 2025. This first discussion is with Jim MacInnes noted businessman as CEO of Crystal Mountain Resort where he has lead that success story towards an energy constrained future. MacInnes is also an electrical engineer and active in several areas of energy policy and action. Jim MacInnes shares his concerns about 25/25, and his experiences operating in the public realm where political discussion is isolating groups from each other.    Part two of this discussion features James Clift of the Michigan environmental Council.

  • Tim KeenanIn this edition the theme of investigation is Social Capital. Tim Keenan, president of Veterans For Peace - Chapter 50, joins Dave for a discussion of peace activism and why it matters to a community.  Visuals come from this year's Hiroshima-Nagasaki Memorial Candle Float down the Boardman River in downtown Traverse City. Tim is a Vietnam vet active locally in raising the questions about war and violence that all communities must confront.  War is a near constant in our country's unfolding history. Can our resilience as a nation and as individual communities be sustained at all, when war and its spill-over violence are an option?