Current Shows

  • Jerry DennisLocal author Jerry Dennis joins Dave for this edition of ICR as we tackle the most difficult of our themes of resilience investigation: art.  Jerry Dennis has written extensively about the Great Lakes, as a resource and as one of the dominant features of our communities. For many living around the lakes, they are a cornerstone of our sense of place and our connection to the eco-system that sustains us.  Jerry talks about the value of art to a community and the value of an artistic community to all of us in the places we live.

  • Lew CoulterLew Coulter, recently retired as Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Conservation District joins Dave for a discussion covering issues of community education and social capital. Coulter traces the historic shift of Conservation Districts from direct technical support of farmers to broad based, community wide education programs which recognized that all us are 'land managers' in our own communities, one way or another.