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  • Bob RussellExecutive Producer, Bob Russell is in for this discussion. It is clear that break downs in broad governance processes are a significant roadblock to development of resilient strength in our communities. It is especially true when considering possibilities of change being led from the top structures down:from federal or state government. Change will come from localized communities establishing their own leadership on critical issues. Bob and Dave highlight process breakdowns.

  • This edition's discussion sifts to transportation. More specifically, placemaking around design for more than just one transportation mode.

    Gary Howe has joined the iCR discussion before. He has taken his voice for Complete Streets design from his own blog site, mywheelsareturning, to a governmental space with his appointment to the Traverse City Planning Commission, last fall. 

    Gary talks about the concept of 'intentional design'  and what it means to the places we live.