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  • Pat LambThis discussion follows the previous one with Education as our chosen theme of focus. Pat Lamb, Principal of the Traverse Area Intermediate School District, Career Tech Center joins in with response to challenges raised by in the first discussion with Annette Norris. Lamb reviews the many programs the CTC provides, many of which are right in line with Norris's thinking. Lamb acknowledges there is plenty of room to grow the CTC programs with better understanding, especially amongst parents who may not see the opportunities offered their student children. A resilient community needs a wide range of hands-on educational opportunities.

  • This edition of iCR focuses on education in a discussion with Annette Norris. Norris is Director of Education at the Academy of Manufacturing Careers in Jackson, Michigan.  Highly skilled manufacturing jobs, like highly technical welding jobs are going unfilled in our state due to a lack of a trained workforce.  Norris has done such things as creating Welding Camp and a series of supportive programs which begin to get Jackson area school children into directed, hands-on, technical education experience as early as fourth grade.  Norris challenges the current system in many schools of delaying any hands-on technical ed. until junior year in high school. She also offers challenges to the Michigan graduation requirements in math and to the single minded idea that college is the only path to future success.

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