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  • iCR - Adaption On The  Farm With this edition iCR visits the Orchard & Vineyard Show in Traverse City. This is the annual winter gathering for fruit growers from across the state of Michigan. With two years of nearly totally destructive of weather in one decade, the fruit industry is facing challenges that go beyond marketing.  iCR visits with Dr. Julie Winkler from MSU reporting on climate change threats to cherry production, and with a selection of producers, both experienced and new, on the adaptations they foresee making to continue raising fruit in the face of more frequently occurring weather threats and long term changes in climate.

  • Disability NetworkThis edition of  iCR  focuses on social capital. Dave is joined by representatives from three different different organizations providing services to those in need in the Bay area and across Northern Michigan. Barb Lemcool outlines the 'one stop shopping', navigator services that Help Link  provides. Sue Onan, director of Brick Ways, details the various levels of independent living her organization provides for the developmentally disabled, and Jim Moore director of the Disability Network of Northern Michigan tells us his organization provides a large range of services to the disabled across 17 counties.  The talk turns to the premise that how well a community takes care of its residents and neighbors who are in need, is a large measure of the social capital, or social strength, of a community and therefore its long term resilience.