Current Shows

  • Dave Barrons and Ric EvansGarforth argues that efficient use of energy is the first step towards securing energy security and resilience in the future.   Green energy generation, whether from solar panels or wind generators or hydro-electric or any other source can only work if we address the wasteful use our buildings make of current energy supply.  Forty percent of our energy use in this country is in our buildings' electricity and heat demand. We must use it better.    The iCR camera then returns to a private residence to see how well an energy audit we showed months ago has been used to improve energy conservation.

  • Jackie VictorIn Jackie Victor's keynote at the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference in October, 2012, in Traverse City, MI, she addresses the challenges of growing a small business in Detroit. She draws parallels between our two local communities and how importance a strong, viable connected community is in growing a resilient economy. Jackie Victor has been an advocate for social change her whole adult life, beginning with her participation in the Michigan Peace March when she was 19. She went on to direct Sane/Freeze which became Peace Action. Since then, Jackie's work and efforts have focused on the revitalization of Detroit, where she co-founded Avalon International Breads, a socially responsible bakery in 1997 in the Cass Corridor. She spent time at Pleasanton Bakery with our own Gerard Grabowski and Jan Shireman. Jackie is deeply involved in the economic, cultural and spiritual revival of Detroit, where she raises her children and is on the boards of Greening of Detroit, the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue and SheTroit. She is a close friend and collaborator with the longtime activist, Grace Boggs.